“Blackbird" X1B-Epoxy Bamboo Deck by Modern Surfboards (Fins Included)

“Blackbird" X1B-Epoxy Bamboo Deck by Modern Surfboards (Fins Included)

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Product Description

The Modern Blackbird range offers a flowing ride for the savviest of surfer, and our X-2 bamboo construction produces a light, durable surfboard with extra strength on the deck.

OUTLINE: Classified as a fun shape, the outline is full and generous from nose to tail providing maximum stability on small to medium size waves. The rounded nose keeps the area up front and allows the rider to comfortably shift their weight forward. The slight taper through the tail lets you manoeuvre the board with ease.

ROCKER: Low-to-moderate rocker makes this board paddle onto waves really well, accelerate from the take off with minimal effort, and make flowing turns on the face of the wave.

CONTOURS: Vee-to-double concave bottom makes for easy rail-to-rail transitions, and offers control when driving off the tail.

FOIL: Designed with plenty of volume in the nose and tail, and out towards the rails, which provides added stability and makes this board simple to ride regardless of your skill level.

FINS: The 7’0 and 7’6 models are set up as a thruster to really maximize maneuverability, while the larger sizes, 8’0 and 9’1 come with a single box fin setup plus two side FCS fins for a more controlled feel.

The Blackbird has a bigger ‘sweet spot’ compared to other funboards on the market. This is a reliable board that will remain in your quiver for years.


NOTE: rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.

Length Width Thick Volume Fins (supplied with board) Approx Weight Range
7'0'' 21 1/2'' 2 3/4'' 47 ltr FCSII Performer 80kg / 176lb or less
7'6'' 21 5/8'' 2 7/8'' 53 ltr FCSII Performer 85kg / 187lb
8'0'' 22'' 3'' 61 ltr FCSII Performer 90kg / 198lb +
8'6'' 22 1/4'' 3 1/8'' 66 ltr 6" center / FCS GX Sides 90kg / 198lb
9'1'' 22 3/4'' 3 3/8'' 78 ltr 7" center / FCS GX Sides ideal for all weights