FCS2 Accelerator Thruster Fins Essential Series

FCS2 Accelerator Thruster Fins Essential Series

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Designed for a balance of speed, flow & response with added control

Oversized, all-round template with a fuller tip

Ideal for surfers who like to attack the wave and perform aggressive turns

New Linear Flex, 3D Twist and roll action delivers a smoother feel

Please Note: this fin is designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin System, and will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.

PCC construction with ‘linear flex’ produces a 3D twist & roll action resulting in a fast, super responsive fin that feels much smoother through turns. PCC fins suit fast surfing and are favoured by more advanced surfers who like to perform explosive turns on critical parts of the wave. Suitable for a wide range of condition, particularly good in critical overhead waves, recommended for all board types.

Fin specs: small

Base: 4.28" / 109mm

Depth: 4.47" / 113mm

Area: 14.51"² / 9360mm²

Sweep: 33.7º

Foil: Flat